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2 tips to investigate hidden assets in your divorce

You and your spouse joined financial forces from the moment you said, "I do." This means that every dollar you and your spouse earned after getting married becomes a part of the marital estate. It doesn't matter if you were earning $8 an hour as a server at a restaurant and your spouse was earning $100,000 as a bank manager. Both of your incomes should be merged together as your larger marital income. The same goes for debts and other assets and property acquired during the course of your marriage.

Healthy communication is essential for a peaceful divorce

Some spouses are desperately trying to communicate with one another, but it feels like they can't ever find common ground. This could be the symptom of two people with entirely different communication styles. Perhaps your style is logical and rational, while your spouse's style is emotional and feelings-based. You may never see eye to eye.

How is art divided in a marriage?

People collect many things in life. Sometimes, these things have monetary value and sometimes they have sentimental value. When it comes to dividing these things in a divorce, sometimes – when both spouses are sentimentally attached to something – it can be very difficult to divide them. For example, imagine you have painting hanging over the fireplace and you and your spouse both want to keep during your divorce proceedings. What can you do?

What are 3 common financial mistakes in a divorce?

We all do our best to navigate lives trials and tribulations in the most appropriate way possible. The same is true for divorce. The problem is, most people have never been through the divorce process before, so they're likely to make a few mistakes along the way. Here are three common missteps that divorcing spouses will want to avoid like the plague:

2 questions that will help you divorce diplomatically

When you're ready to get a divorce, you may want to carefully consider your game plan for the process. Do you want to divorce peacefully, with dignity and respect for the benefit of yourself and your children, or do you want to risk the pain and heartache involved with a contentious break-up?

Will your couples therapist ever tell you to get a divorce?

If you're going to see a couples therapist -- or considering going to visit one -- with your spouse, you might be wondering if you're taking a big risk. Perhaps you actually want to get a divorce and you're worried that the couples therapist will convince you otherwise. Or, perhaps you're terrified that the therapist will actually recommend that divorce is the best option.

Why do spouses get divorced?

People change, couples grow apart and spouses get divorced. It's a fact of modern life that when two people are no longer compatible, they usually go their separate ways by filing for divorce. Although it doesn't necessarily make the break-up process easier to point a finger at the cause, most couples will invariably have one or several reasons why they chose to get divorced.


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