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Why do police pull someone over for suspected DUI?

Police can't simply pull any driver over and carry out sobriety tests. They need to have probable cause to suspect the driver of breaking the law before they pull him or her over. This probable cause doesn't have to initially relate to drunk driving. It might simply be that the driver was speeding or drove through a red light. However, such an innocuous stop could later -- after police examine the driver -- lead to a DUI investigation and arrest.

1 death after alleged drunk driving-related accident in Navarre

A woman from Texas is dead in the wake of a tragic Navarre, Florida, accident. According to police, the woman fell from the side of a moving sport utility vehicle (SUV) on a recent Sunday during the early morning hours. Police suspect that the woman fell onto the road, and another vehicle struck her.

What can I expect during a sobriety checkpoint?

Sobriety checkpoints are common all across the state of Florida, including Fort Walton Beach. You never know when you might come across one. There are times when local law enforcement agencies will advertise DUI checkpoints in an effort to simply deter drunk driving. Then, there are times when you are driving and are directed into a checkpoint unknowingly. Either way, here's what you can expect if you come across a DUI checkpoint.

Could a skin patch sensor help you avoid a DUI arrest?

Engineers from the University of California-San Diego have designed a wearable skin patch sensor that can help drivers understand how much alcohol is flowing through their bloodstreams. Researchers hope that the new technology will prevent drunk driving by informing motorists about when it's safe for them to drive.

Do horse and buggy drivers get charged with DUI's too?

When it comes to drunk driving offenses, anything is possible. In fact, even horse and buggy drivers can get charged with a drunk driving crime. This is exactly what happened in Minnesota to a 17-year-old Amish boy after police engaged in a not-very-high-speed chase to pull him over.

How to fight a DUI in court?

Fighting your DUI charges means that you will be revealing the flaws in the prosecution's depiction of the facts. The defense strategies you choose will depend on the variety of factors that led to the police officer's decision to pull you over, the results of your field sobriety and Breathalyzer test and other pieces of evidence.

Florida trooper saves woman's life during DUI arrest

Most people who get arrested and charged with a DUI don't consider themselves very lucky, but in a recent Florida case, a DUI arrest saved a woman's life. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a trooper pulled over to check on a car that was off the side of the road when he found an unconscious woman inside.

Allegedly drunk horseback rider fights to keep her horse

A Florida woman who was arrested for allegedly riding her horse while intoxicated is in danger of losing her horse, "Bo Duke." According to police, the woman -- who was taken into custody in early November 2017 -- was accused of riding her horse with a blood alcohol level of between .157 and .161 percent.


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