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How to fight a DUI in court?

Fighting your DUI charges means that you will be revealing the flaws in the prosecution's depiction of the facts. The defense strategies you choose will depend on the variety of factors that led to the police officer's decision to pull you over, the results of your field sobriety and Breathalyzer test and other pieces of evidence.

Florida trooper saves woman's life during DUI arrest

Most people who get arrested and charged with a DUI don't consider themselves very lucky, but in a recent Florida case, a DUI arrest saved a woman's life. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a trooper pulled over to check on a car that was off the side of the road when he found an unconscious woman inside.

Allegedly drunk horseback rider fights to keep her horse

A Florida woman who was arrested for allegedly riding her horse while intoxicated is in danger of losing her horse, "Bo Duke." According to police, the woman -- who was taken into custody in early November 2017 -- was accused of riding her horse with a blood alcohol level of between .157 and .161 percent.

Could auto-brewery syndrome lead to a false DUI arrest?

Imagine that a police officer pulls you over and accuses you of drunk driving. In spite of telling the officer you haven't had a drop of alcohol, he demands that you get out of your vehicle to perform a few tests. To your surprise, you fail your field sobriety tests, and your Breathalyzer test results in a .37 percent blood alcohol content.

Drunk driving defense: What if I wasn't the one driving the car?

It's not uncommon for police to make mistakes when they arrest someone for drunk driving charge in Florida. After all, law enforcement officers are human, and humans are prone to making errors. In addition, police don't always have all of the facts regarding the situation right away. They can make improper assumptions based on the facts at hand. This can lead to arresting the wrong person for driving under the influence.

Mother arrested for drunk driving while driving with her son

A woman was arrested by sheriff's deputies in Charlotte County on a recent Wednesday. According to the deputies, her 7-year-old son was riding in the car with her. When she was arrested just after midnight, police allege that her Breathalyzer test results showed she had a .295 percent blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

Did your breath test get skewed by mouth alcohol?

Breathalyzer devices are not always accurate. A lot of different factors can throw off the accuracy of these machines, like the calibration of the device, how long it's been since the subject drank and the way the test is administered. Another thing that can interfere with breath test accuracy is "mouth alcohol."

33-year-old Florida mom accused of drunk driving

As Hurricane Irma approaches, a 33-year-old Florida mother was arrested and accused of drunk driving after getting into a wrong-way accident. Police say that the woman smelled of alcohol and was so distraught following the collision that she urinated on herself and began yelling at bystanders while using racial slurs.

3 drunk driving defense strategies

An experienced drunk driving defense lawyer has hundreds of defense strategies to choose from when representing a Florida driver accused of DUI. The defense options that the lawyer employs will largely depend on the facts and evidence surrounding the arrest and allegations.


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