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Drug Charges Archives

3 common defense strategies in drug crime cases

Some people find themselves accused of crimes because they committed a violation of the law. Others are accused of illegal behavior because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and it's a case of mistaken identity. Still, others face criminal charges due to a misunderstanding or a misinterpretation of the evidence at hand. Regardless of the reasons behind your arrest, you have the legal right to defend against the charges.

Popular 'dabs' and marijuana extracts are felonies in Florida

Florida has taken some incredible strides in recent years to improve its approach to marijuana. Not only did lawmakers approve a bill to regulate agricultural hemp in 2017, they also approved and expanded medical marijuana law last year. Instead of only allowing children with intractible epilepsy to access high-CBD marijuana, the law now permits people with other severe conditions, like PTSD, cancer and HIV/AIDS, to register to legally use medical marijuana.

Marion County man arrested on multiple criminal charges

A Marion County man was arrested on multiple criminal charges last week. Police say that they performed a search and seizure operation on the man's home, where they found six firearms, three packages of steroids and over 1.5 kilos of marijuana. They also say they found $3,000 of cash and some drug paraphernalia.

Police arrest elderly woman on drug charges

A 79-year-old woman was charged with being a "public nuisance" after police searched her home with a narcotics warrant. Authorities executed the warrant at the woman's home in Fort Walton Beach. According to police, the woman's home is well-known in the area for being a place of criminal activity -- which includes the alleged sale and distribution of illegal drugs.

Recreational Marijuana in Florida: What are the prospects?

When it came to the question of legalizing medical marijuana in Florida last November, 71 percent of Florida residents agreed that legalization was a great idea. Now, supporters of recreational marijuana legalization are hoping that recreational cannabis use will be legal by 2018.


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