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What if I move out of our home and leave my children?

The pressures and difficulties of a bad marriage can be torturous. In fact, some spouses may feel so tormented by their marriages that all they can do to improve their sanity is move out and find a new place to live. However, if you have children, you might not want to leave your spouse in this way as it could affect your child custody rights.

Parenting provisions to protect your parent-child relationship

The wisest Florida parents make a concerted effort to get along with their exes after divorce. This is not only good for their own psychological health and well-being, but it's good for their children's. After all, no child wants to see the two people they love most in the world getting into a fight or saying disparaging things about one another.

A parenting journal could save your child custody rights

When you're caring for your child, making food for your child, playing with your child, driving your child to school and performing other parenting activities, it's important to make note of them in a parenting journal. This is true for all parents -- even married ones.

Your parenting plan can account for your preschooler's developmental needs

Florida parents know that raising a child is at once rewarding and challenging. You may not always be sure of the best approach to take, but you can count on your love for your child to help you make the right decisions.

Visitation after a parent relocates to another state

Did you get offered a new job in a different state? If you're a single parent with shared custody -- or if the other parent has child visitation rights -- you may have a difficult time moving out of state for your new job opportunity. This does not mean it's impossible to move out of state with your child, it just means that you could have some legal hurdles to contend with.


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