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Mothers: By establishing paternity, you can receive child support

Imagine a fun night of partying led to an unintended result. You became pregnant, and you've chosen to have your child. As a single mother, you also have financial concerns about how you'll pay for the costs associated with raising your child. To make matters worse, the father of your child is denying that he's the dad.

Fortunately, state child support laws require the father of your child to contribute financially to the support of your baby. By filing the necessary court papers, you can conduct DNA testing to establish paternity. Here's what the process of establishing paternity involves:

If the father agrees that he's the dad

In a lot of cases, fathers will readily accept the financial responsibility of being a dad, and they will agree to provide the mother with child support payments on their own accord. It's also common for dads to take up a genuine interest in their child by asking for visitation rights. If this is the kind of father you're dealing with, you're in luck. Your child will benefit from the father's financial and emotional security.

If the father denies that he's the dad

If the father is denying that he's the dad, this could be for one of two reasons: He genuinely does not believe he's the father or he's trying to avoid his duty to pay child support and the consequences of his actions. In either of these cases, the mother can file a paternity lawsuit. This will require the father to appear in court and submit to DNA blood tests that will definitively establish whether he is the dad.

With paternity established, the mother can benefit from additional financial support from the father. If you're struggling to make financial ends meet after the birth of your child, make sure you take action to benefit from this important source of financial support.

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