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How to receive a child support modification

Things change after divorce -- including our incomes and life expenses -- and that means the amount you pay or receive in child support may need to change as well. If you think that your child support amount is unfair or needs to increase or decrease, you might want to consider filing a request to modify your child support orders.

Most requests for child support modification must be submitted to the original court that issued your child support decree. In the best of circumstances, the other parent will agree to the child support change beforehand, and filing your petition will be nothing more than a formality to gain court approval. However, many parents will disagree on child support amounts.

As you might imagine, paying spouses often want to pay as little as possible and receiving spouses often want to receive as much as possible. Ultimately, the court will attempt to strike a fair balance between the child's needs and the parent's unique income limitations.

Situations when courts award child support modifications may include:

  • When one parent has experienced a significant change in income
  • When one of the parents becomes too injured or ill to work and earn a living
  • If the child's expenses increase or decrease due to his or health status, educational needs or another reason
  • When one of the parents loses his or her job and income source

If you'd like to evaluate whether you could qualify for a child support modification, a better understanding of Florida family law as it relates to modification requests will certainly be of great assistance.

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