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Will your couples therapist ever tell you to get a divorce?

If you're going to see a couples therapist -- or considering going to visit one -- with your spouse, you might be wondering if you're taking a big risk. Perhaps you actually want to get a divorce and you're worried that the couples therapist will convince you otherwise. Or, perhaps you're terrified that the therapist will actually recommend that divorce is the best option.

The outcomes of going to a couples therapist will probably give you clarity about whether you want to stay in a marriage or leave it, but most therapists will not outright tell you what to do. Most marriage counselors you go to will make a great effort to help you and your spouse reconcile your differences and find love for each other again. However, they will also make a great effort to ask you and your spouse the hard and necessary questions to ensure you come to the right decision.

If it's clear that you and your spouse have fundamental, irreconcilable differences, many marriage counselors will do their best to help you see that this is the case -- but they will allow you to come to the decision on your own. The primary goal of any kind of counseling is to uncover the truth of how you feel, the truth of what you want, the truth of what you need -- and then assist you in discovering whether your outward actions reflect these truths. If staying in a toxic, irreparable relationship is a clear violation of your personal wants and needs, then a couples therapist might strive to help you see the light, but only be asking the necessary questions so you can come to the divorce decision on your own.

If you're certain you're ready for divorce and would like to learn more about the process, make sure to educate yourself on the nuances of Florida family law. Such knowledge will be helpful in assisting you to protect your legal rights during the breakup of your marriage.

Source: HuffPost, "Do Couples Therapists Ever Suggest Divorce?," Brittany Wong, April 04, 2018

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