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Why do spouses get divorced?

People change, couples grow apart and spouses get divorced. It's a fact of modern life that when two people are no longer compatible, they usually go their separate ways by filing for divorce. Although it doesn't necessarily make the break-up process easier to point a finger at the cause, most couples will invariably have one or several reasons why they chose to get divorced.

Here are some of the most common reasons why spouses decide to call it quits:

  • Infidelity: Marriage is traditionally intended to be a pact of fidelity, in which two people promise not to have sexual or romantic relations with any other person. Nevertheless, it's not uncommon for marital partners to go astray. Sometimes, once is enough. Other times, it's repeated infidelity that leads to the ending of a marriage.
  • Money challenges: Money disagreements create heated debates, and a lack of money can trigger fears and stresses that cause the breakdown of a marriage.
  • Poor communication: Sometimes two people don't communicate in the same way, which can lead to arguments, disagreements and a lack of trust.
  • Weight gain: We can easily judge it as "superficial," but numerous marriages have come to an unfortunate ending because one or the other of the spouses didn't take care of his or her appearance.
  • Arguments and bickering: Two people who can't ever see eye to eye should never get married. But sometimes it takes years for these kinds of irresolvable disagreements and constant arguments to surface.
  • Loss of sexual attraction: For whatever reason, two people could lose their sexual attraction for one another and decide to go their separate ways.

There is an infinite number of additional causes for divorce. Regardless why you and your spouse are breaking up your marriage, it's important to investigate peaceful means of bringing your union to a close. At the end of the day, divorcing peacefully and respectfully will make your divorce less stressful, less costly and less time-consuming.

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