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April 2018 Archives

Will your couples therapist ever tell you to get a divorce?

If you're going to see a couples therapist -- or considering going to visit one -- with your spouse, you might be wondering if you're taking a big risk. Perhaps you actually want to get a divorce and you're worried that the couples therapist will convince you otherwise. Or, perhaps you're terrified that the therapist will actually recommend that divorce is the best option.

Could a skin patch sensor help you avoid a DUI arrest?

Engineers from the University of California-San Diego have designed a wearable skin patch sensor that can help drivers understand how much alcohol is flowing through their bloodstreams. Researchers hope that the new technology will prevent drunk driving by informing motorists about when it's safe for them to drive.

Do horse and buggy drivers get charged with DUI's too?

When it comes to drunk driving offenses, anything is possible. In fact, even horse and buggy drivers can get charged with a drunk driving crime. This is exactly what happened in Minnesota to a 17-year-old Amish boy after police engaged in a not-very-high-speed chase to pull him over.

Why do spouses get divorced?

People change, couples grow apart and spouses get divorced. It's a fact of modern life that when two people are no longer compatible, they usually go their separate ways by filing for divorce. Although it doesn't necessarily make the break-up process easier to point a finger at the cause, most couples will invariably have one or several reasons why they chose to get divorced.


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