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The 3 kinds of criminal defense 'stories'

There are many ways that a defendant can navigate his or her criminal proceedings in Florida. The path the defendant chooses may involve a plea bargain, it may involve pointing out procedural issues that result in the case being dropped or dismissed, and it may involve a special way of presenting the facts through a defense "story." In terms of defense stories, there are three primary categories of defense story that a particular individual might use:

The confession story

When a defendant uses a confession story, he or she will admit to the crime. Often, defense stories are used in conjunction with a plea bargain arrangement. A defendant might confess to a crime and plead guilty in exchange for a reduced punishment.

The complete denial story

When a defendant uses the complete denial story, he or she will refute and deny the prosecution's version of the facts. The story may involve the defendant explaining that he or she did not commit the crime. The defendant might even explain why it was impossible for him or her to have committed the crime due to an alibi.

The admit and explain story

In the admit and explain story, the defendant will admit to carrying out the actions that the defense claims he or she committed. However, the defendant will also offer an explanation for why those actions were not, in fact, a crime. The admit and explain story reframes the events into the proper light so that the judge and/or jury can see that the defendant was innocent of committing a criminal act.

Florida residents who are organizing their criminal defenses should consider every fact surrounding their cases and create an appropriate defense strategy that reflects their particular situations and their personal goals for their legal proceedings.

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