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Marion County man arrested on multiple criminal charges

A Marion County man was arrested on multiple criminal charges last week. Police say that they performed a search and seizure operation on the man's home, where they found six firearms, three packages of steroids and over 1.5 kilos of marijuana. They also say they found $3,000 of cash and some drug paraphernalia.

Drug officials say that they had been investigating the man and decided they had gathered enough evidence to search the man's home and arrest him. The operation was carried out last Friday, when drug agents went the man's home and knocked on the door. They claim that they smelled marijuana coming from the home and saw someone watching them through the blinds, but no one opened the door. Eventually, the arrested man opened the door and agents detained him because they smelled marijuana.

The drug agents then obtained a search warrant and entered the home. The man said that he chose not to let the officers into his residents voluntarily because individuals disguised as officers had robbed him some time ago. Police say that after entering the residence, they found marijuana floating in his toilets in addition to other drugs and firearms. After a review of the accused man's criminal history, police say that he has prior convictions related to drug possession and providing a false name to police.

Readers of this blog who have been accused of drug crimes may relate to this man's situation. It's important for anyone facing drug and other crimes to understand the charges and evidence being brought against them by the prosecution in order to create a compelling and strategic criminal defense plan.

Source: ocala.com, "Drug agents arrest man on multiple charges," Austin L. Miller, March 24, 2018

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