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How to fight a DUI in court?

Fighting your DUI charges means that you will be revealing the flaws in the prosecution's depiction of the facts. The defense strategies you choose will depend on the variety of factors that led to the police officer's decision to pull you over, the results of your field sobriety and Breathalyzer test and other pieces of evidence.

Although no two drunk driving defenses will ever be the same, there are several defenses that DUI attorneys use whenever the opportunity arises because – if the technique applies to the situation – it can work with a high degree of success. Do you think one of the following common defenses could work in your case?

You didn't drink a drop

Sometimes drivers can produce evidence in court – through eyewitness testimony or other types of proof – that they hadn't drunk any alcohol on the evening that they were supposedly operating their vehicles drunk. When the defendants can point to problems with the way a Breathalyzer test was administered, or how a blood sample was handled, it can help them cast doubt on the prosecution's assertion that they were intoxicated.

The officer didn't have sufficient cause to pull you over

Police officers need to have a valid reason for pulling a driver over. That reason doesn't need to be that he or she appeared to be driving drunk. It might have been that the driver was speeding, failed to turn his or her headlights on or drove through a red light. However, if the police officer didn't have a viable reason for making the traffic stop that eventually led to the DUI arrest, then the driver might be able to get his or her DUI charges thrown out.

Do you think that one of these DUI defense techniques could apply to your case? Regardless the circumstances of your drunk driving arrest, it could be helpful to understand the various defense strategies that you might be able to use to fight your charges in court.

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