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3 common divorce dilemmas

The decision to go through with a divorce is one of the hardest life decisions that any Florida resident will ever have to make. Nevertheless, it's a necessary one in many cases if we want to take the steps required for happiness in life.

There is also the other side of the divorce equation -- when the decision is not your own but you must follow through with it because it's what your spouse wants. Let's take a look at both of these divorce dilemmas as well as a third one, when you don't want a divorce but it's the only decision you can make.

I want a divorce but I'm not certain

Divorce will have a big impact on you, your spouse, your children and your entire way of life. You'll probably feel a lot of pressure around whether you're making the right decision. In this situation, it's important to stay rational and make sure that your decision to divorce is not based on an emotional reaction or your ego. By staying rational, you'll have a better chance of making the right choice.

My spouse wants to divorce but I don't

Unfortunately, being in a partnership implies that we are not always in control of every aspect of our lives -- and that includes the fact that we're not in control of whether our spouse stays with us. It's common for spouses to feel like victims when their loved one decides to leave them. Feelings of intense, emotional devastation will be difficult to avoid. It's important to ask oneself when this happens: Am I clinging to a situation that cannot work and will never work?

I don't want to divorce but my marriage just doesn't work

Sometimes the only solution to a marital problem is divorce, even if you don't want to go your separate way. Perhaps your spouse has a drug abuse problem or is being unfaithful. You wish things could be different, but eventually it's necessary to face reality and make the hard choice that will eventually lead to a better life for you and your children if you have them.

Are you facing one of the above divorce dilemmas? Learning more about divorce law and what you can expect in your proceedings can help you navigate these issues so that you can make your decision to end your marriage with more clarity.

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