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2 defenses against murder charges

The most serious crime that anyone can be accused of is murder. Nevertheless, even if you are charged with this crime, you will still have the right to defend yourself. Furthermore, you will not be found guilty of the offense -- nor punished -- until, and only if, you are proved to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Until this occurs, you may want to employ one of the following two defenses:

The defense of self defense: When it comes to a case of someone dying, if prosecutors have accused someone of intentionally committing murder, one common response involves the defense of "justified homicide." With justified homicide, the defendant may try to claim that he or she was acting in self defense, and that the person who died was actually trying to cause him or her grave harm. In order for the defense of self-defense to work, accused persons will need to be able to show that they employed a justified amount of force that was proportional to the perceived level of threat.

Accident or misfortune: In many cases the death happened by accident. Although prosecutors might be able to convict the defendant of committing homicide in the event of an accident, if the death was not intentional, the defendant cannot be convicted of murder. That said, if someone employed physical force that exceeds acceptable norms given the circumstances, and a death happens as a result, the incident could constitute murder under some conditions.

If you were accused of murder, you will want to review all the facts and circumstances of your case to determine the best avenues available for defending yourself. Considering the stiff consequences of a conviction, such a criminal defense must be handled with the utmost care.

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