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Allegedly drunk horseback rider fights to keep her horse

A Florida woman who was arrested for allegedly riding her horse while intoxicated is in danger of losing her horse, "Bo Duke." According to police, the woman -- who was taken into custody in early November 2017 -- was accused of riding her horse with a blood alcohol level of between .157 and .161 percent.

Police arrested the 53-year-old in Lakeland after a passerby reported that the woman was seen on her horse, riding along the side of the road, and that she was in a state of confusion. Police claim that they found the woman on her horse with breath that smelled of alcohol and with red and watery eyes. Police charged the woman with animal neglect. The officers accused her of endangering her horse by riding it into vehicle traffic.

The horse has been held at the livestock facility of the Polk County Sheriff's Animal Control ever since the arrest. Now, the custody of the horse is in question. Two hearings are to be held in which a judge will decide if the woman can keep the animal. Considering her prior criminal record, however, her situation does not look good, as her criminal record is extensive, including charges for five felonies and 10 misdemeanors. In fact, she was charged with animal cruelty and criminal traffic violations in the past.

It's important at this juncture to remember that we've only heard one side of the story that involves this woman and her horse. As with all individuals accused of alcohol-related crimes, the woman will have the right to defend herself in court, and she will have the right to representation from a criminal defense lawyer.

Source: Patch, "Florida Woman Arrested For DUI On A Horse Fighting For Custody," Nov. 28, 2017

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