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Parenting provisions to protect your parent-child relationship

The wisest Florida parents make a concerted effort to get along with their exes after divorce. This is not only good for their own psychological health and well-being, but it's good for their children's. After all, no child wants to see the two people they love most in the world getting into a fight or saying disparaging things about one another.

One way to maintain good relations with your spouse post-divorce is to set clear guidelines about the way you and your spouse will interact with your kids. In fact, the more specific you get in your parenting plan and child custody agreement in this regard, the better chances you'll have of getting along with your ex.

Child custody provisions that cover parent-child interaction

Some spouses will face bigger challenges than others when it comes to getting along with one another. If you and the other parent run a serious risk of getting into verbal sparring and bickering matches, you might want to include the following provisions in your parenting plan to prevent your disagreements from negatively affecting your kids.

In the long run, the following parenting provisions may help you get along with your ex:

  • Parents will not interrupt or monitor communication between the child and the other parent.
  • Both parents will have email, telephone and other forms of electronic access to their children.
  • Parents will contact their children via phone, email and other means at reasonable times and only speak with the children for a reasonable amount of time. These timeframes may be specified if necessary.
  • Parents will not speak negatively about one another to their children or in the presence of their children. Nor will they speak negatively about each other's families to their children or in front of each other's children.
  • Parents will always encourage that their children love and respect the other parent. They will also encourage their child to show and express his or her love and affection for the other parent.
  • If parents have an argument or disagreement, they will not let children see or hear this agreement. Rather, they will resolve the matter out of earshot and visual range of their children.

Be clear and direct when creating your parenting provisions

Parents can write their provisions however they choose and agree to. Generally speaking, though, the clearer you are with your parenting provisions, the better chances you'll have of avoiding disagreements later on down the road. In addition, it's important that you work with an experienced family law attorney to ensure that your parenting agreement is clearly laid out in writing -- and is legally enforceable.

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