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3 components to the criminal defense that you didn't do it

Imagine that police pulled you over on your way home from a party. Maybe you had a drink of alcohol at the party, so your breath smelled of booze, but you definitely were not too drunk to drive. Nevertheless, police ended up arresting you and accusing you inappropriately of drunk driving. Alternatively, imagine that police have accused you of auto theft because they confused you with someone else. Or, you've been inappropriately accused of another crime you didn't commit.

Whenever a defendant is accused of a crime that he or she didn't commit, the natural instinct is to say, "I didn't do it!" The problem is, you may need to show that you didn't do it by employing a variety of criminal defense tactics.

Here are some important legal aspects to consider in your "I didn't do it" defense:

  • You're innocent until proven guilty: The judge and jury will take the assumption that you're innocent, until the facts and evidence can prove that you're guilty. It's actually the job of the prosecution to prove your guilt and not your job to prove your innocence. However, you may need to illuminate weaknesses relating to the prosecution's portrayal of the facts as a part of your defense.
  • Beyond a reasonable doubt: The prosecutor has to show that, given the facts and evidence, no reasonable doubt exists pertaining to your guilt. As such, you might want to focus on raising a doubt about the prosecution's allegations.
  • You have an alibi: One of the best ways to show that the prosecution is wrong is to bring forward an irrefutable alibi. Perhaps you show a credit card receipt that shows you purchased something in another city at the time that the alleged robbery you committed occurred. Maybe your friend vouches for you, saying that you were not driving the vehicle that police thought you were operating drunk.

No matter what the criminal allegations prosecutors are bringing against you, you will be entitled to a criminal defense and an attorney. Be sure to assert your rights in this regard, no matter how dire your circumstances appear. Your attorney may be able to improve your situation by employing different criminal defense strategies on your behalf.

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