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15 additional points to include in your parenting plan

There are basic elements of every parenting plan that you must include. These include arrangements related to visitation schedules, custody sharing, cost sharing and how to organize travel and for vacations and holidays. In addition to the "basics," however, there are some other important points that parents may want to include depending on their situations.

Developing a parenting plan can feel overwhelming. Naturally, every parent will feel like he or she is missing something could later become a problem. Here are 15 points you might want to address in your parenting plan to help you get started on the right track with this process:

  • Rules for third-party visitations.
  • Guidelines for giving medications.
  • Dietary expectations for the child.
  • Guidelines for disciplining the child.
  • How parents and children will communicate with one another, especially regarding the other parent.
  • How parents will communicate with one another and resolve disputes.
  • Decisions regarding body art and piercings.
  • Decisions about vaccination.
  • Guidelines for the child's internet usage.
  • Curfews that will apply to the child.
  • Guidelines what kinds of movies and entertainment are appropriate.
  • Parent expectations for school and sporting event participation.
  • Expectations regarding participation in religious and civic activities.

Ultimately, your parenting plan is an opportunity to avoid future disagreements and miscommunications with your co-parent. As such, you want to be as clear as possible about potential points that you and the other parent might disagree on.

If you've never created a parenting plan before, you will not be entirely familiar with how this process works. Therefore, you could benefit from relying on a family law attorney and/or family counselor to assist you in developing the right kind of guidelines for agreement in your parenting plan.

Source: The Spruce, "What to Include in Your Parenting Plan," Jennifer Wolf, accessed Nov. 10, 2017

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