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November 2017 Archives

What if I move out of our home and leave my children?

The pressures and difficulties of a bad marriage can be torturous. In fact, some spouses may feel so tormented by their marriages that all they can do to improve their sanity is move out and find a new place to live. However, if you have children, you might not want to leave your spouse in this way as it could affect your child custody rights.

Are you facing a child custody disagreement like this?

The love of a parent knows no bounds. The average Florida mother or father would go to the ends of the earth to preserve the right to spend time with, care for and live with his or her children. This is why child custody disputes can be so heart-wrenching and stressful -- no one wants to face the possibility of losing contact with his or her child.

15 additional points to include in your parenting plan

There are basic elements of every parenting plan that you must include. These include arrangements related to visitation schedules, custody sharing, cost sharing and how to organize travel and for vacations and holidays. In addition to the "basics," however, there are some other important points that parents may want to include depending on their situations.

Parenting provisions to protect your parent-child relationship

The wisest Florida parents make a concerted effort to get along with their exes after divorce. This is not only good for their own psychological health and well-being, but it's good for their children's. After all, no child wants to see the two people they love most in the world getting into a fight or saying disparaging things about one another.

3 components to the criminal defense that you didn't do it

Imagine that police pulled you over on your way home from a party. Maybe you had a drink of alcohol at the party, so your breath smelled of booze, but you definitely were not too drunk to drive. Nevertheless, police ended up arresting you and accusing you inappropriately of drunk driving. Alternatively, imagine that police have accused you of auto theft because they confused you with someone else. Or, you've been inappropriately accused of another crime you didn't commit.


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