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Drunk driving defense: What if I wasn't the one driving the car?

It's not uncommon for police to make mistakes when they arrest someone for drunk driving charge in Florida. After all, law enforcement officers are human, and humans are prone to making errors. In addition, police don't always have all of the facts regarding the situation right away. They can make improper assumptions based on the facts at hand. This can lead to arresting the wrong person for driving under the influence.

Here's a common scenario: You've been drinking at a party with friends, and you make the responsible choice of asking your sober friend -- the designated driver of the night -- to take you home. Your friend agrees to drive you home in your own car. You give him or her the keys, and you make your way down the road. You're in the passenger seat, and your sober friend is behind the wheel.

Unexpectedly, you and your friend get into a serious auto collision. You both exit your vehicle to inspect the situation and to call the police. There's a lot of damage to your and the other person's vehicle. When police arrive on the scene, they assume that you were the one driving since the vehicle involved belongs to you. As much as you drunkenly try to tell the officer that your sober friend was behind the wheel, the officer doesn't believe you and you get arrested for DUI.

If a situation like this has happened to you, there's hope. With the help of an experienced Florida DUI attorney, you can fight an inappropriate DUI charge in court..

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