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October 2017 Archives

Could auto-brewery syndrome lead to a false DUI arrest?

Imagine that a police officer pulls you over and accuses you of drunk driving. In spite of telling the officer you haven't had a drop of alcohol, he demands that you get out of your vehicle to perform a few tests. To your surprise, you fail your field sobriety tests, and your Breathalyzer test results in a .37 percent blood alcohol content.

Drunk driving defense: What if I wasn't the one driving the car?

It's not uncommon for police to make mistakes when they arrest someone for drunk driving charge in Florida. After all, law enforcement officers are human, and humans are prone to making errors. In addition, police don't always have all of the facts regarding the situation right away. They can make improper assumptions based on the facts at hand. This can lead to arresting the wrong person for driving under the influence.

A parenting journal could save your child custody rights

When you're caring for your child, making food for your child, playing with your child, driving your child to school and performing other parenting activities, it's important to make note of them in a parenting journal. This is true for all parents -- even married ones.

Your parenting plan can account for your preschooler's developmental needs

Florida parents know that raising a child is at once rewarding and challenging. You may not always be sure of the best approach to take, but you can count on your love for your child to help you make the right decisions.


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