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Visitation after a parent relocates to another state

Did you get offered a new job in a different state? If you're a single parent with shared custody -- or if the other parent has child visitation rights -- you may have a difficult time moving out of state for your new job opportunity. This does not mean it's impossible to move out of state with your child, it just means that you could have some legal hurdles to contend with.

Let's say, for the sake of an example, that the other parent agrees to your relocation, or that a Florida family law judge agrees that your move will be in the best interest of your child. Now that you've gained the right to move out of state with your child, there are several things you'll be required to do.

First, you'll need to propose a visitation schedule so your child can spend time with the other parent. Will this involve your child visiting his or her other parent during several weeks each summer, and other extended and vacation and holiday times at different points throughout the year? Most parents living in different states will arrange for visitations to occur around a schedule like this.

If the parents can afford the arrangement, in some cases, a 50-50 child custody split could work. However, it would require that the children have specialized educational arrangements and the travel costs will be high when parents try to organize a 50-50 child custody split like this.

If you're considering a move out of state with your child -- or if your ex wants to move out of state -- you may want to speak with a Florida family law attorney to explore your legal rights and options.

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