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Mother arrested for drunk driving while driving with her son

A woman was arrested by sheriff's deputies in Charlotte County on a recent Wednesday. According to the deputies, her 7-year-old son was riding in the car with her. When she was arrested just after midnight, police allege that her Breathalyzer test results showed she had a .295 percent blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

Police pulled the woman over on U.S. 41 near Tangelo Road. During the traffic stop, deputies say that the 30-year-old woman confessed to drinking two pints of vodka before getting behind the wheel. Police further allege that the woman nearly fell over during her field sobriety test.

The woman's grandmother told reporters that her granddaughter needed shock therapy, or something that would serve to wake her up. However, the grandmother wasn't hopeful about this possibility.

Not long before the woman was pulled over and arrested, police say they had reported to a domestic altercation. Since the 30-year-old woman was drunk and arguing with her mother, authorities advised the 30-year-old to arrange for a safe ride home. Instead of getting a ride, however, the woman got in her vehicle and drove away approximately 10 minutes after police left. When a neighbor called police and told them what happened, they soon located the woman on the road, pulled her over and arrested her for intoxicated driving and child neglect. The Florida Department of Children and Families will now have to decide the fate of the woman's child.

The accused woman in this case is clearly in a difficult financial circumstance. However, she may be able to improve her situation and possibly reduce the severity of punishments in her case via a well-planned criminal defense.

Source: nbc-2.com, "Mom arrested for DUI with 7-year-old son in car," Joe Putrelo, Sep. 28, 2017

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