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Driver finds himself in hot water, right next to Air Force One

Let's say you went to an afternoon barbecue beachside on a Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, you misjudged how much alcohol you drank and decided to risk driving home. Fifteen minutes into your drive, your last alcoholic beverage starts to take its toll and you can barely control your vehicle.

You accidentally crash your car into a chain link fence. And, because you're not thinking straight, you run away on foot and later file a false carjacking report with the police.

Little did you know, but the fence belonged to the Palm Beach International Airport, and Air Force One was parked nearby. Now, Donald Trump's Secret Service Agents are tracking you down to determine if you're a threat to the executive in chief.

Don't ever flee the scene after a drunk driving accident

The above scenario happened last weekend. An allegedly drunk man crashed his vehicle into an airport fence, right next to Air Force One while President Trump was spending time at Mar-a-Lago. Once the Secret Service located the 24-year-old man, they quickly determined that he did not represent a threat to the president's safety.

However, he wasn't off the hook. Police charged him with DUI, fleeing the scene of an auto accident, and filing a false criminal report. Had the man simply stayed put, and waited for police to arrive, he would only be dealing with a DUI charge. Instead, his criminal case will be a lot more complicated to defend.

This DUI case serves as an excellent example of why you should never flee the scene of an auto accident, no matter the circumstances.

Were you accused of drunk driving in Fort Walton Beach?

Fort Walton Beach residents accused of driving under the influence have the right to defend themselves against their charges in court. Depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding your arrest, you may want to seek a verdict of not guilty or try to get your charges dropped or dismissed. Alternatively, if a conviction is likely, it might be more appropriate to pursue a plea bargain arrangement with the prosecution.

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