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5 things to know about DUIs in Florida

Drunk driving charges can change the rest of your life, so it is imperative that you fully understand the consequences of a drunk driving conviction before you make any decisions about your case. Not only will a conviction cost your family a lot of money, it can also bring many difficulties with it, including a suspended driver's license. Consider these five points if you are facing a DUI.

Insurance rates

Once you do get your driver's license reinstated, you will face increased insurance rates for your car insurance. Insurance companies base the price of your premiums on several factors, including your driving history. Once you have a drunk driving conviction on your record, you receive the label of being a high-risk driver, which means that you are costlier to insure since you are considered more likely to be involved in an accident.


More than one DUI-related factor affects your employability. The first reason is that you are likely going to have issues with employment because of your suspended driver's license. This can make it hard to get to work in a reliable manner. It also makes it impossible for an employer's insurance company to cover you. The mark on your criminal record can impact your employability. This record might also stop you from being able to find or hold a job.


Some schools, including institutes of higher learning, might forbid students from enrolling if they have any criminal convictions. This means that even if you want to go back to school to better yourself and make it easier to support your spouse and children, you might find it difficult. Additionally, you might find it hard to get financial support to further your education.

Social status

A drunk driving charge might impact your social life, even before a conviction. People might frown upon you because of the charge. Going out with your friends might be difficult because you can't drive and might have a court order that prevents you from consuming alcohol. Fighting the charge is one way that you might be able to protect your social status.

Ignition interlock

In Florida, some people with a drunk driving conviction must use an ignition interlock device. You are responsible for the costs associated with the ignition interlock. On top of the cost, you can only drive a vehicle with the device, and anyone who drives your vehicle must use the device. Your driver's license will reflect the need for the device with a special notation of "P" in the restriction area. Your term for using the ignition interlock doesn't begin until the date your driver's license is issued with this restriction.

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