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Are you facing a child custody disagreement like this?

The love of a parent knows no bounds. The average Florida mother or father would go to the ends of the earth to preserve the right to spend time with, care for and live with his or her children. This is why child custody disputes can be so heart-wrenching and stressful -- no one wants to face the possibility of losing contact with his or her child.

Understanding the law -- and how a judge will likely decide their cases -- can help keep parents calm and realistic during a dispute like this. To this end, let's take a look at two example child custody dilemmas:

15 additional points to include in your parenting plan

There are basic elements of every parenting plan that you must include. These include arrangements related to visitation schedules, custody sharing, cost sharing and how to organize travel and for vacations and holidays. In addition to the "basics," however, there are some other important points that parents may want to include depending on their situations.

Developing a parenting plan can feel overwhelming. Naturally, every parent will feel like he or she is missing something could later become a problem. Here are 15 points you might want to address in your parenting plan to help you get started on the right track with this process:

  • Rules for third-party visitations.
  • Guidelines for giving medications.
  • Dietary expectations for the child.
  • Guidelines for disciplining the child.
  • How parents and children will communicate with one another, especially regarding the other parent.
  • How parents will communicate with one another and resolve disputes.
  • Decisions regarding body art and piercings.
  • Decisions about vaccination.
  • Guidelines for the child's internet usage.
  • Curfews that will apply to the child.
  • Guidelines what kinds of movies and entertainment are appropriate.
  • Parent expectations for school and sporting event participation.
  • Expectations regarding participation in religious and civic activities.

Parenting provisions to protect your parent-child relationship

The wisest Florida parents make a concerted effort to get along with their exes after divorce. This is not only good for their own psychological health and well-being, but it's good for their children's. After all, no child wants to see the two people they love most in the world getting into a fight or saying disparaging things about one another.

One way to maintain good relations with your spouse post-divorce is to set clear guidelines about the way you and your spouse will interact with your kids. In fact, the more specific you get in your parenting plan and child custody agreement in this regard, the better chances you'll have of getting along with your ex.

3 components to the criminal defense that you didn't do it

Imagine that police pulled you over on your way home from a party. Maybe you had a drink of alcohol at the party, so your breath smelled of booze, but you definitely were not too drunk to drive. Nevertheless, police ended up arresting you and accusing you inappropriately of drunk driving. Alternatively, imagine that police have accused you of auto theft because they confused you with someone else. Or, you've been inappropriately accused of another crime you didn't commit.

Whenever a defendant is accused of a crime that he or she didn't commit, the natural instinct is to say, "I didn't do it!" The problem is, you may need to show that you didn't do it by employing a variety of criminal defense tactics.

Could auto-brewery syndrome lead to a false DUI arrest?

Imagine that a police officer pulls you over and accuses you of drunk driving. In spite of telling the officer you haven't had a drop of alcohol, he demands that you get out of your vehicle to perform a few tests. To your surprise, you fail your field sobriety tests, and your Breathalyzer test results in a .37 percent blood alcohol content.

After a few medical tests, you discover that you suffer from a rare condition called auto-brewery syndrome. The syndrome causes the flora in your gut to convert everyday food into alcohol, which then enters your bloodstream and causes you to literally get drunk. Although most Florida doctors have never seen real evidence of auto-brewery syndrome in an actual patient, there have been documented cases. Some believe that the symptoms can happen after a patient takes a strong course of antibiotics.

Drunk driving defense: What if I wasn't the one driving the car?

It's not uncommon for police to make mistakes when they arrest someone for drunk driving charge in Florida. After all, law enforcement officers are human, and humans are prone to making errors. In addition, police don't always have all of the facts regarding the situation right away. They can make improper assumptions based on the facts at hand. This can lead to arresting the wrong person for driving under the influence.

Here's a common scenario: You've been drinking at a party with friends, and you make the responsible choice of asking your sober friend -- the designated driver of the night -- to take you home. Your friend agrees to drive you home in your own car. You give him or her the keys, and you make your way down the road. You're in the passenger seat, and your sober friend is behind the wheel.

Drugged driving charges in Florida: What to know

If a police officer pulls you over and you've been drinking, a field sobriety test, a breathalyzer test or simply smelling your breath may be enough for the officer to suspect that you're intoxicated.

With drugs, however, you might not exhibit easily detectable signs of inebriation, and different drugs affect the body in different ways. With that said, you can still be charged with drugged driving in Florida, and police have become more savvy about recognizing the effects of drugs on drivers.

The most common drug offenses in Fort Walton Beach

There are countless drug crimes that a Fort Walton Beach resident could find him or herself being accused of. However, there are some drug offenses that local defense attorneys see their clients facing again and again.

These crimes that follow are not the most serious drug offenses -- and they don't come with the most severe punishments. However, if you were arrested and accused of a drug offense in Florida, it's highly likely that it involves something related to the following:

A parenting journal could save your child custody rights

When you're caring for your child, making food for your child, playing with your child, driving your child to school and performing other parenting activities, it's important to make note of them in a parenting journal. This is true for all parents -- even married ones.

The reason why a parenting journal is important is because you can use it to prove your participation as a parent in the event that your parenting rights are challenged. Such a challenge could happen in court during a child custody dispute. It could also happen after your divorce if the other parent accuses you of not being a good parent. However, if you can present your parenting journal as evidence, you can show a written record of all the things you've done to be the best parent you can be.

Your parenting plan can account for your preschooler's developmental needs

Florida parents know that raising a child is at once rewarding and challenging. You may not always be sure of the best approach to take, but you can count on your love for your child to help you make the right decisions.

Of course, parenting becomes more complicated when two parents divorce or separate. If a child is between 3 and 5 years old at the time, there are some specific developmental concerns that parents should be aware of when deciding on a workable parenting plan.


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