Helping Kids Overcome Juvenile Offenses

Growing up is hard. In the process of finding their place in the world, kids make mistakes. It's part of life. But some mistakes are worse than others, and they can result in juvenile charges.

A juvenile charge represents a potential turning point in a young person's life. If the matter is handled correctly, this could be the point at which he or she learns from the mistakes of the past and moves forward as a positive force in the community. If the matter is not handled correctly, the young person could get caught up in the system, could derail their education and their future career and could be left with a stigma that will haunt him or her for years to come.

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Protecting Bright Futures

I am Ryan Campbell. Much of my work over the last several years, both inside the courtroom and out, has been devoted to helping children. Outside of the legal realm, I serve as a mentor in the Take Stock in Children program. I previously worked as a senior attorney at Children's Legal Services, the statewide law firm that represents Florida's Department of Children and Families in all judicial matters. I have been certified in the Florida Safety Decision Making Methodology. The bottom line is that I care about kids and I understand the juvenile court system, which is dramatically different than the adult court system.

This is not about letting kids off the hook for their actions. It is about preventing a single mistake from the long-lasting repercussions it could have. My goal in every juvenile crime case is to make certain this does not interfere with a bright future, and that means preventing an outcome that could interfere with school or work.

I defend against all juvenile offenses, including:

  • Juvenile alcohol offenses (underage possession of alcohol, DUI)
  • Juvenile drug offenses (drug possession, drug sale)
  • Juvenile assault charges (fights at school)
  • Juvenile theft charges and property crimes (shoplifting, vandalism)

Free Juvenile Criminal Defense Consultation

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