DUI Charges Can Be Fought

Many people do not fight DUI, sometimes referred to as DWI (driving while intoxicated), because they believe the charges are unbeatable. They think that just because they blew over the legal limit, they have no options and they just plead guilty.

Do not plead guilty to DUI.

There are options. As your criminal defense lawyer, I will carefully review your case. Was the traffic stop legal? Were field sobriety tests administered correctly? Had the breath test machine been properly maintained and was it used the right way? I will ask questions like these to find the flaws in the case against you. I will work hard to have the DUI charges dismissed or reduced.

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Florida Is Tough On Drunk Drivers

Even for a first DUI (driving under the influence) offense, conviction can result in up to six months behind bars and up to $1,000 in fines. The penalties can be higher depending on blood alcohol level, and they go up substantially for repeat drunk driving offenders.

In many cases, the most serious threat is driver's license suspension. For a first conviction, the minimum length of suspension is 180 days, and it can be up to a year. Again, it gets longer for repeat offenders. That means a conviction could lead to a minimum of half a year in which you have to figure out how to get to work, how to go out, how to get groceries, how to take your kids to school and how to do other things without your driving privileges.

Or you could fight the DUI charges with the help of an experienced attorney. My name is Ryan Campbell. I am a former prosecutor who has received training through the Florida Traffic Safety Resource Prosecution Program in the fields of DUI Trial Advocacy and Prosecuting DUI Refusal Cases. I have prosecuted many drunk drivers, but now I use my knowledge of the system to protect people from having their lives ruined by one mistake.

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