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Did your breath test get skewed by mouth alcohol?

Breathalyzer devices are not always accurate. A lot of different factors can throw off the accuracy of these machines, like the calibration of the device, how long it's been since the subject drank and the way the test is administered. Another thing that can interfere with breath test accuracy is "mouth alcohol."

33-year-old Florida mom accused of drunk driving

As Hurricane Irma approaches, a 33-year-old Florida mother was arrested and accused of drunk driving after getting into a wrong-way accident. Police say that the woman smelled of alcohol and was so distraught following the collision that she urinated on herself and began yelling at bystanders while using racial slurs.

3 drunk driving defense strategies

An experienced drunk driving defense lawyer has hundreds of defense strategies to choose from when representing a Florida driver accused of DUI. The defense options that the lawyer employs will largely depend on the facts and evidence surrounding the arrest and allegations.


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